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A thin self-adhesive film (15 cm x 10 m) that provides a moist environment during wound healing. It protects a new tattoo against abrasion and ensures waterproofness from the outside. It creates an antibacterial coating that prevents the...

28,54 €
28,54 €

Hornet - Protection Film 15 cm x 10 m is a high-quality micro-perforated film for the protection of new tattoos. This high quality film guarantees perfect protection during the healing of the new tattoo. It prevents the entry...

34,69 €
34,69 €

TattooMed - Protection UV Patch MILKY (10x 20 cm) is a protective film for fresh tattoos with 98% UV protection. The sterile film is designed to protect and care for a fresh tattoo from day one. This patented protective film prevents the...

3,67 €
3,67 €

Cling Film (30 cm x 300 m) is used for the initial treatment of the skin directly after tattooing. This film ensures the most necessary protection of the new tattoo, so that external pollutants do not...

5,67 €
5,67 €
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