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Protective equipment 

Protective tools such as covers, pads, face masks and aprons to protect you and your studio equipment from dirt and grime. Ensure the highest possible hygienic cleanliness.

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Pink clipcoard protective sleeves (125 pcs) keep your cables, clipcords and tattoo machines clean and safe for you and your customer during work. The main advantage is the prevention of contamination by blood, ink and other impurities....

7,71 €
7,71 €

The Unigloves - pink practical facial mask that covers the mouth and nose to protect both the artist and the client. The masks have a malleable nose clip and latex-free elastic rubber bands to place over the ears. Maximum protection is guaranteed...

10,16 €
10,16 €

The black disposable pads (50 pcs) for tattoos by Unigloves are a stylish and practical accessory for all artists who require maximum cleanliness at the work table. The top layers of cellulose excellently absorb liquids and thanks to their lower...

4,86 €
4,86 €

The Inked Army Eco Aprons (50 pcs) - to protect yourself against contamination by ink or contamination by body fluids during tattooing, piercings or PMU. No harm to the environment. The aprons are made of a mixture of PBAT (polybutylene...

14,65 €
14,65 €
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