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Ink cups 

Ink cups for tattoo colors in various sizes, types and packages. You can choose from plastic, more environmentally friendly paper cups or ink cup rings. You will also find sterile versions.

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Practical pink ring ink cup with foam for comfortable and safe work. It is an ideal helper for easier application of pigment during tattooing. Putting it on the finger ensures more straightforward access to the ink and a more efficient...

0,29 €
0,29 €

Pack of 100 pcs PLA bioplastic eco cups for tattoo inks size S. The Inked Army - PLA ink cups are made with a wide base, so they do not overturn during the tattooing and remain firmly in place. The PLA material (lactic acid polylactide polymer)...

6,12 €
6,12 €

Pack of 100 pink silicone ink cups with base. Practical shape with a straight base for more stable placement on the work surface without the need to glue them. Thanks to their flexible and soft surface, you no longer have to worry about tipping...

7,35 €
7,35 €

Paper ink cups in S (10 mm) size are made from thick pressed and moulded paper stock. By using them you can lower your carbon footprint a little bit. Once contaminated with ink and blood, the paper inkcaps shoud be disposed of correctly (not...

10,98 €
10,98 €
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