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Stencil products 

The products and accessories, such as transfer paper and transfer solution, are designed for imprinting tattoo motives on the skins. They are basic but also professional accessories for preparation for the best tattoos.  

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The Spirit is a transfer thermal paper with a length of 27,9 cm. This Stencil from global leader Spirit is designed for all kinds of prints, whether through a thermal printer, copier, or manual redrawing. Stencil Paper is made from the...

0,82 €
0,82 €

Kores hectographic paper is some of the best imprinting paper on the tattoo market. It provides a high-quality imprint, which when properly processed remains on the skin longer than with normal imprinting papers. It is supplemented with a...

0,61 €
0,61 €

Stencil Stuff (125 ml) is one of the most popular imprinting solutions on the market, characterized by a high-quality and natural composition that also makes it suitable for vegans. Compared to conventional solutions, Stencil Stuff has a creamy...

15,51 €
15,51 €
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52 products