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Tongue Depressors, Razors 

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Wood tongue depressors are ideal tools for the handling and application of petroleum jelly and creams during tattooing. They are made from white birch wood. The package contains a total of 100 depressors.

2,04 €
2,04 €

Disposable twin blade razors from the American brand Dynarex. The razors are characterized by offering high quality at a reasonable price. With two cutting edges, the skin is shaved more quickly and thoroughly than with traditional razors. The...

1,84 €
1,84 €

Nitras Medical - double-blade razors (50 pcs) remove unwanted hair from all parts of the body. These disposable non-sterile razors are compostable and biodegradable - except for blades, of course. Thanks to the safety cover preventing...

20,00 €
20,00 €
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