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Basic tattoo set, ideal for hand poke. In this set, you can find everything that you need for your beginning. In addition to the three most commonly used needles, the set also includes protective gloves and tampons. For ideal care...

5,67 €
5,67 €

HandPoke GripSpecial black grip for traditional tattoo techniques. The grip is designed for classic tattoo needles. What sets it apart from others is the ability to attach the needle without having to shorten it. This is because it is cut...

15,51 €
15,51 €

This type of product is excluded from air transport, so it is not possible to order to the other country than the Czech and the Slovak republic. The orders will be automatically canceled, and money will be sent back.Thank you for understanding.The...

5,27 €
5,27 €

A professional plastic container for infectious waste (500 ml) is essential for all tattoo and beauty studios. The container is designed for the storage of contaminated tattoo needles and other infectious tools.

3,22 €
3,22 €
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