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Tools and accessories 

Tools and accessories for use in creating a PMU and for equipping your beauty studio.

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A special medical sponge for skin and wound cleaning. Its use is appropriate before tattooing and very desirable during the healing process. The special bevel bundles of extra-fine unbleached polyester fibres release and absorb dead skin cells....

7,71 €
7,71 €

Disposable micro-applicators for the application of permanent make-up. Necessary equipment for all beauticians. These micro applicators are made of flexible plastic, at the end of which there is a small 2.5 mm cotton head. When used, it is...

6,12 €
6,12 €

The Inked Army eyebrow razors (3 pcs) effortlessly remove or shape your eyebrows. A great helper for cosmetic studios and PMU. These disposable non-sterile razor blades are compostable and biodegradable - except for the stainless steel...

6,49 €
6,49 €
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