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Artifical skins 

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Reversible training artificial skin for tattoos (20 x 30 cm) is a practical tool for any aspiring tattoo artists who don’t have enough brave friends.

5,67 €
5,67 €

Practice makes perfect! On this training hand (left) you can practice all tattoo techniques. This hand is made of soft silicone, which faithfully imitates human skin. This flexible material will give you the most authentic tattoo experience...

40,41 €
40,41 €

Ava Machine - Training 3D skull intended for practicing and improving tattoo technique.  Practice makes perfect! On this training skin you can practice all tattoo techniques. This head is made of soft silicone, which...

113,88 €
113,88 €

This 3D silicone skin is very helpful for training tattoo eye lines and eyebrows. It is made by the world famous Bella company. It is an ideal tool for cosmeticians beginning with permanent make-up. In total, it is possible to try 8 different eye...

9,39 €
9,39 €
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