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All of these accessories and equipment should be essential for every tattoo artist. You can find only practical tools and instruments here, which will make your work easier a more pleasant.  

Best selling


Espeon - Green BIO nitrile gloves M BIO (M) powder-free green disposable nitrile protective and examination gloves are made of 100% synthetic nitrile. In nature, they decompose 10 times faster than classic nitrile gloves. They do not contain...

6,49 €
6,49 €

Hustle Butter Deluxe (150 ml) is a revolutionary tattoo lotion that has no competition anywhere in the world. Its biggest advantage is when used during tattooing, when it dramatically reduces redness and skin bleeding. The manufacturer...

24,45 €
24,45 €

Lohmann & Rauscher - Suprasorb F (15 cm x 10 m) - tattoo patch.Transparent polyurethane film. It is impermeable for liquids, bacteria, and viruses. It perfectly protects new tattoos, prevents infection,...

44,86 €
44,86 €

Hornet - Cleaning Foam (220 ml)A cleaning solution in the foam that minimizes the reddening of the skin and keeps it hydrated even during tattooing. It binds all impurities perfectly. It removes excess vaseline, butter or ink from the...

12,20 €
12,20 €
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