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Books, magazines, flashes 

This category focuses on books, flashes and magazines about tattoo. All mentioned products are original subjects protected by copyrights.  

Best selling


"Netetuj se blbě" is the first book on the market that maps the whole process of tattooing. The book describes every detail, from finding a tattooer or motif through the application to the aftercare. It points to the right and wrong paths, goes...

19,33 €
19,33 €

TattooFest magazine 127 is a Polish tattoo magazine.  TattooFest is one of the most popular and successful magazines of this art in Europe. Even though this magazine is entirely in Polish, you still will appreciate...

4,31 €
4,31 €

Maori Tattoo contains more than 250 Polynesian and Maori motifs. These designs were firstly published in Tattoo Ideas, with some of the most amazing tattoo designs that can adorn your chest, back, shoulders, shoulder blades, arms, hips, lower...

9,84 €
9,84 €

Skulls Style contains 275 faithful and representative skull motifs along with imaginative and playful designs. The collection offers the latest trends in skull design and all the most popular styles, from classic to nowdays. The skull can be...

9,84 €
9,84 €
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