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The tools, accessories and consumer goods are designed for tattooing, piercing and permanent make-up.  

Best selling


Tattoo Eazer Cosmetics - Tattoo Finish 150 ml is a final solution for a just completed tattoo. By applying the solution, the pores are immediately closed, which stops the bleeding and keeps the color pigment under the skin. The...

11,02 €
11,02 €

Distilled water (1 l) is suitable for diluting tattoo colors and soap concentrates. Distilled water is one of the suitable means for diluting colors or concentrates. Thanks to multiple distillation (change of state to water vapor),...

1,18 €
1,18 €

Ink Mixer is a great tool for tattoo ink mixing. You can very easily mix any shade from different tattoo ink producers. The Ink Mixer is powered by two AA batteries (batteries are not included in the package). The Ink Mixer includes mixing sticks,...

12,20 €
12,20 €

Tasty Pasties Nipple Cover set (3x 2 pcs) is a packet of stickers designed to cover intimate areas during tattooing.  The stickers were designed by Mikey Newblood to cover special areas of the body during tattoo procedures, for photo...

6,12 €
6,12 €
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