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Face masks, aprons, wipers 

Best selling


Practical, durable, and very comfortable black disposable face mask covering the mouth and nose for mutual protection between you and the client. The face mask has a shapeable carrying clip and elastic bands for the ears.Three-layer filtration...

5,27 €
5,27 €

Wipe Outz - Dry Tattoo Towels (10 pcs) are dry sterile tattoo towels for cleaning the skin during tattooing. Dry Tattoo Towels were designed as an alternative to classic paper towels. They have high resistance and ink absorption. The wipes are...

4,45 €
4,45 €

Zewa - Wisch&Weg Original wipes (2 pcs) with high resistance and absorption for wiping off excess paint during the process of tattooing or surfaces. The towels are made using a special technology that guarantees their excellent absorption...

2,41 €
2,41 €

Renova - Paper towels, redForget the hackneyed white paper towels and brighten up your interior with original colored towels from the Renova brand. They are very absorbent, solid and ready to handle any mess. Wipes can be used safely in...

2,41 €
2,41 €
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