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Green Soaps 

Best selling


The green soap concentrate (200 ml) is among the most important tools of every professional tattoo artist. This is an antibacterial solution used during tattooing to remove excess ink and blood from the skin. Green soap is made from pure...

7,35 €
7,35 €

Hornet - Cleaning Foam (220 ml)A cleaning solution in the foam that minimizes the reddening of the skin and keeps it hydrated even during tattooing. It binds all impurities perfectly. It removes excess vaseline, butter or ink from the...

12,20 €
12,20 €

This green soap from the Panthera - Babool (500 ml) brand is a perfect solution for washing the skin during tattooing. Newly with a sweet strawberry fragrance.It smoothly removes all dirt, paint and blood. It contains an Aloe vera extract with...

13,02 €
13,02 €

Hornet - Honey Soap 750 ml is a highly concentrated soap intended for washing the skin during tattooing. Thanks to its good concentration, it easily binds dirt, blood and ink, which favourably supports the reduction of skin irritation, its...

20,37 €
20,37 €
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