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Holders, Trays 

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Practical stand for tattoo inks with a large storage space. If you want to have your tattoo inks always perfectly tidy and arranged in one place, this practical stand is just for you. This 3-storey shelf organizer can take a huge amount...

11,84 €
11,84 €

A practical steel stand for tattoo ink cups, which consists of 7 holes for three different sizes of ink cup. You can place 4 cups of S size, 2 cups of M size and 1 cup of L size in the stand.

5,31 €
5,31 €

The ECOTAT disposable cartridge trays made from paper pulp (50 pieces).They are an alternative for their single-use, fossil fuel derived plastic counterparts.ECOTAT disposable tattoo cartridge trays will keep your cartridges in place while you are...

17,51 €
17,51 €
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