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Power supplies, foot switches and cables 

A wide range of high-quality tattoo power supplies, switches and cables is here obtainable. They are available from less expensive to professional, for beginners or for everyday use of several hours.  

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Elephant - RCA cable angled (red) is a 2.5 meter long, extremely light cable weighing only 29 grams. Under the soft flexible rubber there are 40 high-quality copper conductors, which, together with the gold-plated...

19,14 €
19,14 €

The Powerbolt II is an exchangeable battery for powering FK Irons tattoo machines. The new, second-generation Powerbolt battery comes with innovation in the form of a digital OLED display, which was designed to provide a more intuitive and...

326,12 €
326,12 €

The Panasonic NCR18500A is a replacement rechargeable battery that guarantees constant performance without fluctuations for your wireless tattoo machine. Compatible with all machines powered by replaceable cells from our offer. Specifications:...

11,84 €
11,84 €

Cheyenne - PU2 is an improved version of the popular and reliable Power Unit II power supply, which brings an interactive touch screen. Thanks to this intuitive touch screen, setting the voltage frequency will be much easier than ever...

236,32 €
236,32 €
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110 products