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Power supplies, foot switches and cables 

A wide range of high-quality tattoo power supplies, switches and cables is here obtainable. They are available from less expensive to professional, for beginners or for everyday use of several hours.  

Best selling


Discounted set of products from the manufacturer Critical.This set includes an Atom X-R Black power supply and a CXP19 Black wireless foot pedal. The perfect set for professional performance carries all the tweaks of its predecessors and...

478,00 €
478,00 €

Elegant black burnished steel footswitch Lauro Paolini - Dynamo Footswitch with anti-slip surface treatment and pad. In addition to stable and constant power, it also provides a perfect design.Solid, compact, and handy.Features:...

30,57 €
30,57 €

Elephant - RCA cable angled (light blue) is a 2.5 meter long, extremely light cable weighing only 29 grams. Under the soft flexible rubber there are 40 high-quality copper conductors, which, together with the gold-plated...

19,14 €
19,14 €

Mast - Wireless batteryTurn your rotary tattoo machine into a wireless one thanks to the universal battery. You will have a compact, ergonomic and easy-to-use machine without the need to plug it into the power supply.High battery life...

89,39 €
89,39 €
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