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Tattoo machines 

Tattoo machines from leading manufacturers such as tattoo machines Cheyenne Hawk, Lauro Paolini, CTF, Swisstattoomachine, EGO, LACEnano. In our assortment you will find classic tattoo machines coil and professional rotary tattoo machines intended for.

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SOL Nova Unlimited 3.5 is a revolutionary tattoo machine which combines the incomparable features of the SOL Nova with adding the Responsive Mode and provided it with a user-friendly, rechargeable battery.For the first time, the...

1 208,79 €
1 208,79 €

The Bishop Packer Wand machine boasts a brushless Faulhaber motor with custom winding made specifically to provide more torque and speed. Intended for colour realism and both modern and traditional colour packing.It has a fixed 4.2 mm stroke and a...

765,39 €
765,39 €

The Wireless Battery Pen Machine was designed to make wireless tattooing easy. You can work up to 5 hours (depending on machine parameters) with only one charge.Voltage, battery status, and usage time can always be seen on the integrated LED...

280,39 €
280,39 €

The Black Cobra Universal is a coil tattoo machine in black by the well-known European manufacturer Cyber Tattoo Factory. This type, in the company’s basic series, is designed as a universal machine for lining, shading and coloring. The...

84,23 €
84,23 €
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