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Accessories and tools 

All of these accessories and equipment should be essential for every tattoo artist. You can find only practical tools and instruments here, which will make your work easier a more pleasant.

Best selling


Espeon - Black nitrile gloves Strong MBlack disposable protective and examination nitrile gloves (M) without powder. They are made of 100% synthetic nitrile. They provide high flexibility and grip sensitivity. You will also appreciate the...

6,90 €
6,90 €

This black protective wrap tape for grips is a very popular product among artists who prefer a surer grip during tattooing while also maintaining hygiene at work. The tape serves as a grip cover, which eliminates vibrations, and you can set your...

2,04 €
2,04 €

The Inked Army paper cups (100 pieces) are an integral part of every professional tattoo studio. Ideal especially for distilled water for washing needles during tattooing. These paper cups are made from corn starch to achieve faster...

5,27 €
5,27 €

Pack of 100 pcs PLA bioplastic eco cups for tattoo inks size M. The Inked Army - PLA ink cups are made with a wide base, so they do not overturn during the tattooing and remain firmly in place. The PLA material (lactic acid polylactide polymer)...

6,12 €
6,12 €
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