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Power Supply

Cheyenne power supplies, foot switches and cables 

A wide selection of quality Cheyenne power supplies, switches and cables. High-quality power supplies guarantee the smooth operation of your machines, foot switches ensure comfort during work. Cables and adapters are durable and reliable.

Best selling


The Cheyenne - Banana IN / 3.5mm Jack Adapter allows the connection of all Cheyenne Hawk rotary tattoo machines to power supplies with inputs for Banana connectors. On the end of the adapter there are two Banana connectors and 3.5mm input jacks.

18,15 €
18,15 €

Power Unit IV is a digital power supply developed in cooperation with renowned international tattoo artists with special focus on ergonomic work, intuitive operation and a handy design. PU 4 is very versatile due to itrs magnetic back and bottom...

361,79 €
361,79 €

This professional foot pedal for tattooing is made by the well-known producer, Cheyenne. It is made of hard plastic, aluminum and high-quality switches. The cable is 200cm long and finishes with a RCA connector, which is compatible with every...

59,29 €
59,29 €

The Cheyenne Hawk - Thunder/Spirit Cable is an original power cable of Cheyenne Hawk for Thunder and Spirit rotary tattoo machine. The cable is 210cm long and designed to directly connect the Cheyenne Hawk machine to a Cheyenne PU1 or PU2 power...

18,15 €
18,15 €
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