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The 4,0 mm stroke FK Irons - One offers the renowned premium quality associated with the FK Irons brand at an affordable price. FK Irons - One is a machine with very popular wireless technology whose advantage is easy handling and...

856,73 €
856,73 €

Pancho Pastel Grey Set v2 (6x 1 oz) is a perfect set of six colors in the second generation, ideal for use in black-and-gray compositions and portraits. The colors have a pastel shade, which is typical for the international known tattoo...

130,20 €
130,20 €

Espeon - Green BIO nitrile gloves M BIO (M) powder-free green disposable nitrile protective and examination gloves are made of 100% synthetic nitrile. In nature, they decompose 10 times faster than classic nitrile gloves. They do not contain...

5,67 €
5,67 €

Hornet Shots Tattoo Care soothing cream for fresh tattoo care. The composition with natural extracts has a positive effect on skin regeneration after tattooing. Ideal for all skin types. Made with specially selected active ingredients based...

3,22 €
3,22 €

The Spirit is a transfer thermal paper with a length of 27,9 cm. This Stencil from global leader Spirit is designed for all kinds of prints, whether through a thermal printer, copier, or manual redrawing. Stencil Paper is made from the...

0,82 €
0,82 €
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