If you buy from us regularly, customer points will be retrieved on your account. Every 0,40 € spent for goods represents 1 customer point (postage prices do not count towards your point’s collection). Collected points can be easily transformed in your account into a discount voucher that will contain a unique code. The code can be applied, when ordering in the bottom part of the basket and therefore subtracting the amount obtained from the final order price.

A summary of your points can be found after logging into your account. The benefits of the loyalty scheme are non-transferable.

Upon registration of your account you agree with the processing of personal data and sending a confirmation e-mail to the address you have registered with us. By filling in your contact and personal data, you confirm their accuracy and completeness.

At the same time, you acknowledge that the registered account is non-transferable, and the right to use it has its owner only. Providing the account to a third party may lead to suspension of the loyalty scheme, including all of its benefits.