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Butter, creams, vaselines 

Best selling


Tattoo Professional Butter (250 ml) from the German company Believa is butter, that is great for using before, during and after tattooing. Before, it prepares your skin by making it smooth and supple. During...

27,27 €
27,27 €

Ink Booster (250 ml) is a professional lotion that effectively soothes the skin during tattooing. It is used instead of Vaseline and helps to apply colors into the skin. It prevents redness and skin bleeding. Ink Booster does not contain any...

25,30 €
25,30 €

TattooMed® - Tattoo Butter 120 ml is a professional tattoo butter for bright tattoo colors and a velvety feeling on the skin. The butter is gentle on the skin and ensures its suppleness and softness to the touch. It has been specially...

23,68 €
23,68 €

Cheyenne - PREP & CARE is a set of products designed for tattooing from the beginning to the end. PREP & CARE is a new product line from Cheyenne for the care of freshly tattooed skin. Several products will provide ideal conditions for your new...

66,13 €
66,13 €
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