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The top products for disinfection of hands, skin, surfaces and tools are available in several options. Keep your tattoo, piercing or a cosmetic studio in hygienic standards of EU.

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This type of product is excluded from air transport, so it is not possible to order to the other country than the Czech and the Slovak republic. The orders will be automatically canceled, and money will be sent back.Thank you for...

8,94 €
8,94 €

TattooMed - disinfectant gel for hands and skin (500 ml) TattooMed's fast-acting hand and skin disinfectant gel formula (500 ml) removes pathogens from the skin surface before and after tattooing. The alcohol-based recipe works in as little...

10,16 €
10,16 €

Hartmann - Bacillol® 30 Sensitive Foam 750 ml is a liquid disinfectant designed for disinfecting surfaces. Thanks to its excellent material coagulation, it is also suitable for disinfecting sensitive surfaces with a quick effect. The...

11,80 €
11,80 €

Individually packaged tampons with disinfectant. The package includes tampon with measuring 3 x 3 cm in 70% isopropyl alcohol.For the cleaning and disinfection of skin.

0,08 €
0,08 €
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