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INK Cups 

Best selling


Saferly - Skull disposable Ink Cups (200 pcs) are designed in horror style that will give your studio a deathly touch and right effect to mixing pigment. The skulls are designed in 3D, thanks to which a realistic appearance...

17,51 €
17,51 €

The packet (500 pcs) of Ink Cups with Base in size "M".  Disposable cups with base for tattoo ink in size "M" (medium) - 500 pcs. Thanks to the flat base you don’t need any stand or need to stick them on a base with Vaseline....

12,24 €
12,24 €

Pack of 100 pcs PLA bioplastic eco cups for tattoo inks size M. The Inked Army - PLA ink cups are made with a wide base, so they do not overturn during the tattooing and remain firmly in place. The PLA material (lactic acid polylactide polymer)...

6,12 €
6,12 €

These sterile disposable ink cups for tattoo ink in size "S" (small) - 10 pcs - from Killer Ink are ideal for beginners as well as professional tattooers. The cup has a funnel shape, making it suitable for use with a stand or for sticking to the...

0,82 €
0,82 €
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