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Grips, tubes, bars 

This wide selection offers tattoo grips made by prominent manufacturers such as Lauro Paolini, Morphix, Cheyenne or Supreme. Various designs and materials, from stainless steel, composite, aluminium, Teflon, silicone to plastic; may be chosen.

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TATsoul x Bishop - Wrath Disposable Gel Wand Grip (38 mm) is a gel grip for better control, mobility, comfort and reduced vibration of the tattoo machine. The grip has been designed from surgical - grade gel, which makes the grip of the...

4,29 €
4,29 €

A disposable Round sterile tattoo grip, made from non-toxic plastic with a round tip for lining or round shading needles. Unlike the white version, the black grip has a rubberised part. It’s more comfortable and eliminates vibrations. Grip...

1,02 €
1,02 €

This blue camouflage protective wrap tape for grips is a very popular product among artists who prefer a surer grip during tattooing while also maintaining hygiene at work. The tape serves as a grip cover, which eliminates vibrations, and you...

2,04 €
2,04 €

Magic Moon - silicone ring grip for cartridge tips for easier handling and a more comfortable grip during work. It is an ideal tool for tattooers who prefer a lower grip. These silicone grips are placed directly on the cartridge and provide...

0,41 €
0,41 €
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