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Cohesive Wrap Tape For Grips (black)


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This black protective wrap tape for grips is a very popular product among artists who prefer a surer grip during tattooing while also maintaining hygiene at work. The tape serves as a grip cover, which eliminates vibrations, and you can set your own width of the grip by using multiple layers . You also have the entire tattoo grip in a secure container that is impermeable to dirt, and therefore minimizes the cost and time for cleaning the tattoo grips.

The tape stretches, wraps and sticks well. Conversely, it doesn’t stick to any other surfaces such as e.g. skin or steel, so you never have adhesive residue anywhere. Compared to other types of tapes, this one does not contain any latex.

The tape width is 5cm and the length (when stretched) is 457cm.

  • Width 50 mm
  • Color Black
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