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L+R - Suprasorb F 10 cm × 10 m

LR SF 1010

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Suprasorb – healing plaster after tattooing (10 cm × 10 m). Transparent polyurethane film does not allow liquids, bacteria and viruses through. It perfectly protects a new tattoo, prevents infections and creates a healthy environment for its healing. It does not interfere with showering and resists disinfectants containing alcohol, iodine and octenidine. The smooth film adheres firmly and flexibly to the skin, creating a ‘second skin’ feeling. At the same time, it retains its high resistance and strength. Thanks to its breathability, it helps heal tattoos in a humid environment by exchanging gases and heat and preventing it from drying up. The translucent film gives perfect control over the entire healing process.

The application is extremely simple. First, a fresh tattoo is wrapped in the film for approximately first 24 hours. After removing the film, the tattoo is washed with antibacterial soap. We also recommend using a Debrisoft medical sponge for perfect cleaning. Subsequently, the washed and dried tattoo is covered with a new film that is taken off in the next 3-7 days, depending on individual healing speed.

  • Width 10 cm
  • Length 10 m
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