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L+R - Suprasorb F 15 cm × 10 m

L+R - Suprasorb F

L+R - Suprasorb F 15 cm × 10 m

LR SF 1510 Lohmann & Rauscher

Lohmann & Rauscher - S uprasorb F (15 cm x 10 m )  -  tattoo patch. Transparent polyurethane film. It is  impermeable for liquids, bacteria, and viruses .   It perfectly protects new tattoos,  prevents infection , and  creates a healthy environment... Show more
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44,86 €
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44,86 €
37,07 € tax excl.without VAT

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Lohmann & Rauscher - Suprasorb F (15 cm x 10 m) - tattoo patch.

Transparent polyurethane film. It is impermeable for liquids, bacteria, and viruses. It perfectly protects new tattoos, prevents infection, and creates a healthy environment for its regeneration. It does not interfere during showering and is also resistant to disinfectants containing alcohol, iodine, or octenidine. The soft foil adheres safely and flexibly to the skin, giving a "second skin" feel. At the same time, it retains high durability and strength. Thanks to its breathability, it helps the tattoo to regenerate in a humid environment by exchanging gases and heat, and at the same time, prevents it from drying out. The transparent foil gives the possibility of perfect control during the whole healing process.

The application is extremely simple. In the first step, a fresh tattoo is covered with foil for the first approx. 24 hours. After peeling off the foil (we recommend under running water), the tattoo is washed with antibacterial soap. For perfect cleansing, we also recommend using the Debrisoft medical cloth. After that, the washed and dried tattoo is covered with a new foil, which is applied next 3 - 7 days, depending on the individual healing process.