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Tattoo Armour Pad - L


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Tattoo Armour Pads (L - 32 x 40 cm) have been created by tattoo artists Torsten and Kätlin Malm with help from Sandra Daukshta and Mihailis Neverovs and medical experts.

Plastic wrap has been used for ages, but it is meant for food. The second skin products were developed because of the lack of better solutions.
Since the tattoo wounds are completely different from typical medical wounds in their nature, Tattoo Armour Pads were created with medical experts to provide the treatment that should be given to achieve optimal healing results.
After all, you would not wear ballet shoes to a football game, even if you might be able to survive the experience. :)

Even if wounds can be healed with all aftercare solutions well, Tattoo Armour were made for a specific type of wound to greatly increase the chances of a perfect heal. They have optimal absorbability of plasma to prevent excessive drying all of it while keeping just enough plasma on the skin to secure optimal healing.
The pattern on the pads is specifically-designed to hold its form and not tear during your daily activities, while still letting the tattoo breathe and reducing scabbing.
Fast and easy to apply, Tattoo Armour pads will also shield your fresh tattoo against bacteria, germs, UV light, and dirt.

Each pack of Tattoo Armour contains 10 pads, which is enough to last the duration of the tattoo healing process.

Key features:
- 10 pads per pack,
- easy and safe healing,
- reduces scabbing,
- optimized absorbency and thickness,
- developed together with professional tattoo artists and medical experts.

How to use:
Unwrap the wrapping from the tattoo as soon as you have an opportunity to wash it. Wash the tattoo with water and soap for tattoos. Gently pat the tattoo dry with a clean household tissue paper. Apply a small amount of ointment onto the tattoo – just enough so the skin can absorb it, without leaving a thick coat on top (otherwise the skin can’t breathe and heal). The wrapping should be in very close contact with the tattoo so that there is no air between the wrapping and the tattoo. Seal the wrapping with tape.
Next days continue with washing and wrapping up regularly based on the condition of your wound and the amount of plasma your body excretes out.
After this process do not forget to take care of your tattoo with ointment (and later with lotion) even when your upper skin looks healed after 1-2 weeks. The lower layers of skin can be healing in the next 3 months.

  • Height 40 cm
  • Width 32 cm
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