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TattooMed® - Tattoo UV Protection Film – 10 cm × 20 cm (black patch)


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Protect your tattoo with the first tattoo protection film with integrated UV protection.
This patented foil stops 96% of all UV rays. Because of that, it is the ideal sun protection for your new tattoo. Colour particles freshly introduced into the skin are not yet protected from UV rays by the natural skin barrier. Beside UV protection, it reduces the risk of infections due to the penetration of foreign impurities and offers the opportunity to the regeneration of the skin in a moist wound climate. So the skin can relax optimally and include the tattoo in the skin.

TattooMed offers, with the new product series "TattooMed® Protection Series 2.0", a new ultra-thin and breathable CE-medical product for optimal tattoo wound healing.

The product should be applied after the session on the dry tattooed skin and can let it on up to 5 days for optimal healing.

All TattooMed® products have the highest medical certification and they are dermatologically tested.
Not tested on animals and 100% vegan.

Made in Germany.
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  • Width 10 cm
  • Length 20 cm
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