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Euro Tattoo Supply - Power Liner 1 (0,4 mm LT)


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Power Liner 1 0,4 mm Long Taper is a tattoo needle designed for lining.

Euro Tattoo Supply cartridges are the newest and long term developed type of a needles for all types rotary machines on the market.
The needles are manufactured as a long taper type, made from high quality steel in a safety medical plastic. Thorough fabrication and soldering quality ensure the smooth operation of the machine and stable needle insertion for precise and smooth strokes and easy color insertion into the skin. The safety membrane protects your machine against its contamination by color, blood, and other uncleaners.

You will definitely appreciate the whole body from transparent plastic, which allows you see the ink and the needle running during work.
The cartridges are sterilized and individually wrapped.

Power - this is a wide lining needle with a long taper and a diameter of 0.40mm. Power Liner needles are suitable for full and thick lines, e.g. old-school tattoos.

20 pieces in package.

Quality verified by Euro Tattoo Supply.

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