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Cheyenne - Capillary Cartridges - Liner 3 (0,30 mm BP)


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Cheyenne Capillary Cartridges - Liner 3 0,30 mm BugPin is a tattoo needle designed for thin lines.

Cheyenne is an innovator for user-friendly, comfortable and safe solutions when it comes to tattoo equipment of the highest quality. With their Capillary Cartridges they underline this pioneering role and offer tattooist a completely new work experience.

Inside the tip of the cartridge is a capillary style reservoir. During filling, Capillary Cartridges absorb more ink than conventional cartridges. The result is an up to 10 times longer ink flow before dipping into the ink cap. Color mixing in the cartridge and complete cleaning with water is still guaranteed. Improved needle guidance allows ultra-precise work in any direction. The Capillary Cartridges ensure that ink is evenly distributed on all individual needles, even in large magnum configurations.
As a result, surfaces are filled consistently, reliably and, above all, more quickly, which means less trauma for the customer’s skin.

- capillary and ink reservoir for up to 10 times longer ink flow,
- improved needle guidance for ultra-precise and omnidirectional work,
- even ink distribution of all individual needles for better tattoo results and less skin trauma,
- Cheyenne-typical, microscopic 100 % quality control,
- colored caps for easy identification of the needle configuration.


  • Long Taper - this is the most common type of needle for lining, shading and filling. These needles have a long taper and each needle may have a diameter from 0.25mm to 0.35mm.

  • BugPin - this is a textured needle mainly used for lining and shading (soft edge). These needles have a long, roughened taper, and each needle may have a diameter from 0.30mm to 0.35mm. Ink adheres to BugPin needles and less ink splashes off the tip. BugPin needles are recommended for fine work.

  • Medium Taper - this is a needle with a shorter taper, especially suitable for lining old-school / new-school tattoos. The needles are often manufactured with a diameter of 0.30mm.

  • Power - this is a wide lining needle with a long taper and a diameter of 0.40mm. Power Liner needles are suitable for full and thick lines, e.g. old-school tattoos.
  • Needle thickness 0,30 mm
  • Needle type Liner
  • Needle size 3
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