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Cheyenne - Craft Cartridge - Soft Edge Magnum 9 (0,35 mm LT)


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Soft Edge Magnum 9 0,35 mm Long Taper (Round Magnum) is a tattoo needle designed specially for shading.

Cheyenne Hawk Craft Cartridges are a new generation of cartridge needls for a tattoo rotary machines from this world manufacturer. They kept a well-known quality of their ancestors, the Safety Cartridges. They are manufactured from high quality needles. Unlike certain knock-offs, they have a patented membrane, which protect the cavity of grip and tattoo machine from contamination by blood, inks or any dirtiness and improves the perfect hygiene and protection for you and your clients too.

The main difference to their Craft Cartridges is the casing, now manufactured from a single mold, which brings the high comfort and quality on one side, and option of friendlier price on the other, thanks for lowest costs for manufactured.

Cheyenne Hawk Cartridges are the guarantee of smooth movement of the machine, accurate strokes, easy injection of ink into the skin, less pain for the customer and a quicker healing time of a tattoo. The cartridge can be inserted into to the machine in a second and you are able to work imidiatelly. Made from a Lexan medical material, sterilized and individually wrapped.

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