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Tools and accessories for use in creating a PMU and for equipping your beauty studio.

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6 products

    Lauro Paolini - PMU Travel Case is ideal for carrying permanent make-up material and other equipment. It is filled with...

    36,00 €
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    Code: LP CSP

    Petrify™ is a super-absorbent polymer designed to provide tattoo artists an easier and more effective cleanup after...

    0,73 €
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    In stock
    Code: PF IA2

    Elephant - Black Magic TapeThe Magic Tape from Elephant is a must-have in your studio. You can safely place all your...

    15,35 €
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    Code: EP BMT

    Mr. Magic (200 ml) is a crystal super-absorbent that converts contaminated water, ink residues, or any other solution...

    9,96 €
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    Code: TP MS200

    Wood tongue depressors are ideal tools for the handling and application of petroleum jelly and creams during tattooing. They...

    3,81 €
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    Code: BT WS

    DebrisoftA special medical sponge for skin and wound cleaning. Its use is appropriate before tattooing and very desirable...

    7,27 €
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    Code: LR DBS