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GREEN products 

Products from natural, plant and renewable materials, which are a suitable alternative to their disposable plastic variants. Using them contributes to minimizing harmful environmental impacts.

A set of ECO products

A set of products loved by our ambassadors for their recyclable, compostable and degradable materials.
53,02 €

Best selling


Triple-blade razors (100 pcs) remove unwanted hair from all parts of the body. These disposable non-sterile razors are compostable and biodegradable - except for blades, of course. Thanks to the safety cover preventing injuries and the...

20,00 €
20,00 €

Ecological trash bags - 15 pcs (30 l) suitable for storage and subsequent disposal of waste produced during tattooing. These bags are an ecological alternative to classic plastic bags for the bin. They are made from renewable resources,...

5,27 €
5,27 €

The Inked Army eyebrow razors (3 pcs) effortlessly remove or shape your eyebrows. A great helper for cosmetic studios and PMU. These disposable non-sterile razor blades are compostable and biodegradable - except for the stainless steel...

6,49 €
6,49 €
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60 products