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Panthera Ink - Matteo Pasqualin set (8x 1 oz)


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The famous manufacturer of Panthera Ink tattoo inks presents another set of shades designed by the Italian artist Matteo Pasqualin. The set comes from the Artist Series and contains 8 tattoo inks in 30ml bottles. It is perfect for all black-and-white work, including realism and biomechanics.

The Matteo Pasqualin set includes 7 black inks in different shades and 1 white ink. The colors are marked with the numbers from 0 to 6 and the white.

Color number 0 contains a deep dark black pigment, perfect for work with black-and-white contrasts.

Color number 1 contains a dark black pigment, used for strong radiant shades.

Color number 2 contains a soft, slightly lighter shade than color number 0.

Colors numbers 3 and 4 are medium black shades, which can be used by all tattoo artists for shading. They are perfect for tattooing portraits, shading areas under the nose, eyebrows etc.

Colors number 5 and 6 are light black shades, perfect for background shading or light transitions in portraits etc.

The color White is a great radiant color, which can be used in sharp contrasts, details, reflections etc.

Panthera Ink tattoo inks are the number one black tattoo inks worldwide, mainly because of the new technology providing them with a brilliant velvet effect and higher resistance to sunlight. The inks heal very well. They are non-toxic, sterilized with gamma rays, and suitable for vegans as well. They are made in Italy. The inks are fully certified for use in the European Union.

  • Color Set
  • Volume 8 × 1 oz
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