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Lauro Paolini - TRX4


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Lauro Paolini - TRX4, a direct rotary machine in aircraft aluminum, is perfectly capable of performing any type of work and it’s effective with all tattoo styles.
It is an ideal, totally versatile, and precious tattoo machine either for the realistic tattoo fans and for the lines professionals, all in the smoothest, easiest and slickest fashion.
Designed also thinking of those who prefer a traditional rotary to the new tattoo pens. The TRX4 has also been put to the test by the New School Tattoo professionals, with great results.

Standing out as an iconic tattooing technique, recognizable for its vivid colors and lines of all sizes, the New School proved to be a comfortable ground for this rotary, thanks to its astonishing color saturation and line construction performances.

The new click-click tip grants absolute precision and total control over the needle stroke adjustment, while the ergonomic grip ensures huge comfort and it’s extremely easy to protect by covers and clean.
The heart of the latest machine from Lauro is equipped with a newly designed Faulhaber 9V motor, whose new internal cushion drastically eases the friction of the components in motion, providing this machine with superior fluidity, efficiency, and longevity.

Technical features:

  • - motor: 9 V Faulhaber with an internal cushion,
  • - needle stroke: 4 mm,
  • - power connection: RCA,
  • - advised maximum voltage: 12 V,
  • - advised working range: between 6 and 10 V (with good quality power supply and amperage not lower 2amp),
  • - frame: aircraft aluminum,
  • - weight: only 80 g with disposable grip,
  • - weight: 108 g with click-click high precision aluminum grip,
  • - recommended for: lines, colors, shades.

Made in Italy.

You could say that tattoo machines by the Italian manufacturer Lauro Paolini are the most famous tattooing machines in the world. Lauro himself started producing them in 1996, and over 50 000 have been sold since then. They are popular mainly because of their precise manufacture, reliability, and stable performance over the years.

  • Width 22 - 25 mm
  • Weight 108 g
  • Color Black
  • Length 130 mm
  • Power Supply RCA
  • Type of machine rotational
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